Brief Builder

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No more blank canvas syndrome.

Tired of staring at an empty canvas in Photoshop, wondering what you should create next? Don't worry, we've solved the age-old mystery for you.

Use this Brief Builder app to quickly generate unique combinations of concepts, aesthetics, and themes for your next artwork. With literally millions of possible briefs, there's no reason you need to copy other artists or regurgitate tired concepts.

Create a unique brief for your next artwork.

When you think about it, all client briefs can usually be broken down to a few core parameters, with the variables changed out. For example, to create a unique setting for your next artwork might be as simple as picking a random location, time period, and architectural style.

Using those three categories, some example briefs might be:

  • Pueblo Revival style architecture set in the medieval era on a floating world.
  • Modern day fishing village with Angkorian structures.
  • A Metropolis built with Middle Eastern architecture in the Space Age.

Not happy with your random result? Maybe add more categories to hone in your brief! Too specific? Remove categories, or regenerate only specific results you don't like.

Those examples are all real possible outcomes from our Brief Builder, and there millions more for you to discover, with new possibilities being added into the mix regularly.